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Image by Scott Webb

Kindness Shared Inspires Kindness

Arlington, Virginia  based grassroots organization focused on sharing and doing acts of kindness, and  supporting the local and global community.

Kindness Activist

Sharing stories of kindness creates RIPPLES of kindness.

People who hear stories of kind acts performed, received, or witnessed by others are inspired to be kind.

The ripple effect is infectious and undeniable.

Kindness shared, inspires kindness. 

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Countless People

Access healthy food and toiletries though the Little Yellow Free Pantry

Over 600 People

Have been recipients of KINDNESS via funds raised by

Kindness Activist 

Over 650 Children

Have received personalized letters from Santa and a gift from their wish list because of generous donations to Kindness Activist  

Over 200

Volunteers have assisted in the cause



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Kindness Stories 

Kindness spreads when shared, so go out and be kind. Talk to others about the kindness you witness. Inspire others. Kindness is a super power that needs to be shared.

Share Your Story

We would love to hear your story about kindness that you've shown, received, or witnessed. Submit a story and photos and we may share it on the website.

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Kindness In Action

See pictures and videos of Kindness Activist events and activities in our photo & video gallery.

Upcoming Events Calendar

In addition to financial contributions, there are other ways to help. We're always looking for folks to assist or attend various events. Check out the calendar. 

we would love your help!


Your contribution goes into the Kindness Activist fund, which is used to spread kindness locally and globally.   


We're always looking for volunteers to assist! 

Contact us to learn more and see how you can help out.

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