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Just some of WHAT WE DO! 

Little Yellow Free Pantry

The Little Yellow Free Pantry has been serving visitors since March 6, 2021.  On the busy corner of South Fillmore St and 2nd St in Arlington, Virginia, the pantry is open 24/7 (with lights at night) and supplies much needed food and supplies to the community. 


Donations of funds to buy food, or unexpired, unopened food, toiletries, and cleaning products donations are always accepted.  See the wishlist of items for the Little Yellow Free Pantry here:

Contact us for more information of how YOU can get involved with the Little Yellow Free Pantry!

Canned Food

Kindness Yard Sale

The Kindness Yard Sale is an annual event that gets the WHOLE COMMUNITY humming!  Donations of good condition, saleable items are accepted a month before the sale.  Nothing has a set price - the Kindness Yard Sale is "Pay What You Wish", with the understanding that all money raised is used to SPREAD KINDNESS!   You never know what treasures you might find! Contact us for information about donating, shopping or volunteering at the Kindness Yard Sale!

And if you do not live in the Metro DC area, some online Kindness Yard Sale auctions will give YOU a chance to participate in the Kindness Yard Sale, too!  Follow Kindness Activist on Facebook to keep in the know.

Box of unwanted stuff ready for yard sale isolated on white.jpg

Project Warmth

Everyone deserves to be WARM.  That's why PROJECT WARMTH happens every year in front of the Big Yellow House in Arlington, Virginia.  Coats of all sizes (in good condition), hats, scarves, gloves/mittens, boots, and snowpants are displayed on the busy corner with signage letting passersby know that they warm items are free for the taking.  

Image by Tim Gouw

Fancy Outfit Lending Library

Have somewhere fancy to go, but don't want to invest loads into looking nice for the event?  Check out the Fancy Outfit Lending Library!  Stocked with a variety of styles and sizes, you might just find the perfect attire to borrow, clean, and return.  Save the planet by not buying fast fashion, and save your bank account by borrowing for free!

Donations of fancy outfits are not currently being accepted,.

Running Through the Field in a Dress

Pop-Up Projects

Kindness and Creativity go hand in hand.  If you take a stroll past the Kindness Activist house, you will often find something magical happening.  Maybe kids will be making gifts for their adults!  Maybe pumpkins or rocks will be being painted...  Perhaps you will find a sidewalk dance party, complete with DJ and disco ball!  Maybe you will find a digital camera and a prompt to photograph something that brings you joy.  Or maybe you will get to grab some hot cocoa and cookies.  You never know what you will find!

Art Class

Table Lending Library

Planning a birthday party but don't have enough tables?

Get a spot in a craft show, but don't have a table to display your wares?

Having the extended family over for dinner and no where to put the food (or the people)?

We''ve all been there.  That's why Kindness Activist has a Table Lending Library.  You don't have to invest in a table (and store it), just borrow!!

Festive Tabletop

Daily Poll

Would it surprise you to learn that something as simple as a poll on a busy corner played a big part in bringing a community together?  People of all ages and walks of life make it a point to stop and vote in the Daily Poll on the corner of South Fillmore St and 2nd St in Arlington, Virginia.  The poll changes everyday and asks voters to weigh in on "important" topics such as "Cheetos - Fried or Puffy" and "Music - Jazz or Rap".  The Daily Poll reached international audiences when Voice of America told listeners all about it. Check out the link below to get your two cents in and vote virtually!

Image by Element5 Digital

Kind Is Cool

Score a great Kind Is Cool t-shirt!

These soft, amazing shirts were designed by 11 year old Junior Kindness Activist Dex.  He is super proud that his artwork is now being worn by kind people across the country!


Shirts are $25 - $20 covers the cost of the shirt, and $5 goes to Kindness Activist to help spread more kindness!  Order yours by clicking the button below.  Include your name, number of shirts, and sizes in your message.  


Looking for a way to make a difference in the world?  Come volunteer with Kindness Activist!  There are always donations to sort, signs to paint, or other fun projects that can use assistance!   

All ages welcome, children must be accompanied by an adult.  We can sign school or work forms to prove that volunteer hours were donated.

Group of volunteer forming huddles in park.jpg

Let's TALK About Kindness!

We strongly believe that TALKING openly about Kindness inspires MORE KINDNESS!  

Ready to chat?  Susan is happy to talk with your group.  We can brainstorm ideas of how YOU can spread kindness in the world!  Susan has spoken to and inspired people of all ages to get out there and BE KIND.  Let's talk!  


Refugee Assistance

At Kindness Activist, we recognize that people fleeing to America for safety are in precarious positions and need support in their new country.  We help find temporary housing when possible, supply weather appropriate clothing, and do whatever we can to ensure that refugees arriving in the USA feel welcome and safe.

Image by Kyle Glenn
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