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About  Kindness Activist

Sharing stories of kindness creates RIPPLES of kindness. People who hear stories of kind acts performed by others are inspired to be kind.  The ripple effect caused by intentionally and openly talking about kindness is infectious and undeniable. Kindness shared, inspires kindness. 


This was the premise of a life changing experiment for Susan Thompson-Gaines. She began Kindness Activist in 2015 by purposefully shifting her daily focus to look for any evidence of kindness – received, given, or witnessed, both in her personal life and in the world around her. And when she noticed acts of kindness, she wrote about them and shared the stories. Then came the big test: Would openly talking about kindness help spread it? 


The answer was and continues to be a resounding YES. 


Here at Kindness Activist, we embrace Intentional Acts of Kindness. Kind acts can be random and spontaneous, like holding the door open for a stranger, or paying for a stranger's breakfast. But we seek to grow more intentional acts of kindness, like collecting food for those who don’t have enough, surprising a stranger with something from their Amazon wishlist, or gifting special toys to kids at Christmas. 


We celebrate and talk about all forms of kindness! While some may believe that drawing attention to kind acts can be considered bragging, or giving themselves a pat on the back, we at Kindness Activist disagree. We believe that talking openly about kindness makes your heart happy, your spirit lighter and your soul more grounded. And more importantly, sharing stories of kindness inspires other to go out and spread kindness, too.


Interested in being a Kindness Activist? Send an email to . Or find us on Facebook at   

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