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Kindness Activist's Impact

Real people express their thoughts

on the work of Kindness Activist.

Image by Srikanta H. U

"Santa made their day.  Thank you.  Thoughtfulness and generosity emanated from every aspect – the letters, the wrapping, the gifts of course.  It was our first year even talking about Santa – and this really made it magical.  Thank you thank you."

Image by Samuel Holt

"I will do my best to express my gratitude for how special and magical the Santa Project made me feel as a mom.  The gifts were clearly picked with such careful (and generous!) consideration, the personalized letters make my boys’ eyes light up and my eyes water, and the special/different wrapping paper and toppers truly added extra magic on Christmas morning!  We read and reread the letters.  The reduction in my holiday mental load of having a gift for each of my boys that I didn’t have to pick, order, wrap hide AND I was able to be surprised was a really special and loving feeling."

Image by Maria Oswalt

"You are a force for good in this world, thanks for bringing so much hope!"  S.L.

Image by Tuva Mathilde Løland

"I couldn't believe that a complete stranger approached me and said that her organization would like to pay for the clothes I was debating buying for my newborn.  As soon as I left the store, I called my best friend to explain what had happened.  I am going to pay this kindness forward for sure!"

Image by Ti Wi

"Thank you 4 what you do.  I been jobless one month.  I been eating by your pantry.  One day ima pay y'all."


"I have got food/candy from the Yellow Pantry.  I also celeabrated (sic) the yellow pantry 2nd birthday.  Today I donated something to the pantry.  Without the yellow pantry people would starve.  Thank you so much."  From a young visitor


"Hola.  Si tome comida de aquia.  Muchas gracias por la comida yo y mis ninos.  Estamo muy agradecidos que dios los bendiga."

Image by Allison Astorga

"I am a retired librarian who values community assistance, mutual aid.  On my walks I spotted this pantry and try to donate when I remember.  Thank you for offering this opportunity."

Image by Ryan 'O' Niel

"It was nice to meet you in person (you’re like my rock star), and I'm so grateful for what I received today. Thank you very much for all that you do for the community and for making a better world (there is still hope that there is a future and a world of kindness, love and trust for children and adults). Thank you very much."

Image by Hikarinoshita Hikari

"Thank you for making Arlington a kinder place!"

"When I was dropping off some items at your house with my 3 year old granddaughter, she asked why we were doing it.  I explained how kind you are helping people.


"Kindness Activist makes people happy on both ends of the interaction.  The giver gets the joy of making someone happy, and the receiver feels the warmth of knowing that someone cares about them."ist 

Image by Debby Hudson

"I'm sorry if I have been stopping by here to grab some cans of food.  I lost my job and I been looking for a month, but it's not been easy, less when you have no family in the US.  You been like angels in my path.  Thanks for what you do - feed the less fortunate.  I am trying to get my life together.  Thanks for the help.  I hope one day I can pay you back."

Image by Helena Lopes

"Kindness Activists brought my faith in humanity back. It is a whole community of love."


"You know that phrase, “Leave a little sparkle wherever you go?” Kindness Activist has shown us that the most beautiful, enduring and contagious sparkle we can sprinkle as we move through life is indeed kindness."

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